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The True Outdoor TV that is Built for Outdoors. Any Place, Any Time, Any Weather

Outdoor TV with a rain cup and audio streamers shows beautiful waterfalls on screen.

Cosmos Outdoor TV: The Ultimate Outdoor Television Designed for Any Place, Any Time, and Any Weather

Introducing the Cosmos Outdoor TV – the true outdoor television built to withstand the demands of any environment. Experience unparalleled entertainment in your backyard, patio, poolside, or any outdoor space, regardless of the weather conditions or time of day.

Key Features:

  • Designed for the Outdoors: Cosmos Outdoor TV is specifically engineered to endure the elements, offering a weather-resistant construction that protects against rain, snow, dust, and insects. Enjoy worry-free entertainment, knowing your television is built for the outdoors.
  • Any Place: From cozy backyard nooks to expansive commercial spaces, Cosmos Outdoor TV seamlessly integrates into any outdoor setting, providing a versatile and stylish entertainment solution.
  • Any Time: With its high brightness display and exceptional picture quality, Cosmos Outdoor TV ensures optimal viewing at any time of day, whether it's a sunny afternoon or a moonlit night. (Cosmos has 700 nit panel. During sun peak hours the visibility may be less)
  • Any Weather: Cosmos Outdoor TV's rugged design ensures consistent performance in all weather conditions. From scorching heat to freezing cold, your television is ready to deliver the ultimate outdoor entertainment experience.
  • Upgrade your outdoor living space with the Cosmos Outdoor TV – the true outdoor television designed to perform in any place, any time, and any weather. Embrace the future of outdoor entertainment and experience the difference with Cosmos Outdoor TV.
Weather-proof outdoor television shows soccer players on an open field on screen.

Cosmos Outdoor TV: The All-Season Outdoor Television Engineered to Withstand the Elements

Cosmos Outdoor TV, an all-season outdoor television designed to conquer the summer heat, resist the pouring rain, endure the blizzard cold, and stand up to heavy thunderstorms. Experience exceptional entertainment in any weather, as the Cosmos Outdoor TV is built to perform in all conditions, making it the ultimate choice for outdoor viewing.

Experience Seamless Entertainment with Fully Automatic Temperature Control

The Cosmos Outdoor TV is expertly designed for use in any environment, thanks to its built-in automatic cooling and heating system. Simply plug in your TV, and the temperature control system will safeguard it in all weather conditions. Enjoy peace of mind and uninterrupted entertainment, as the fully automated system ensures optimal performance in temperatures ranging from -10 to +120 degrees Fahrenheit (-23 to +50 degrees Celsius).

Key Features:

  • Automatic Temperature Control: The Cosmos Outdoor TV is equipped with a state-of-the-art temperature control system that automatically adjusts to protect your television in various weather conditions, allowing you to enjoy your favorite content worry-free.
  • Use Anywhere: Designed for versatility, the Cosmos Outdoor TV can be used in any location, making it the ideal choice for patios, backyards, poolside retreats, and even commercial settings.
  • All-Weather Protection: The Cosmos Outdoor TV is built to withstand extreme temperatures, from freezing cold to scorching heat, ensuring a reliable entertainment experience in any climate.
  • Choose the Cosmos Outdoor TV for a truly seamless outdoor viewing experience, complete with fully automatic temperature control that protects and optimizes your television, no matter the weather.

Experience Unmatched Protection with Cosmos Outdoor TV's Patented Weather Cap

The Cosmos Outdoor TV is equipped with a unique, removable weather cap that ensures reliable protection against various outdoor elements. Designed to shield your television from direct rain, harsh sunlight, dirt, and even curious animals, the patented weather cap significantly extends the lifespan of your outdoor TV.

Key Features:

  • Patented Weather Cap: The innovative, removable weather cap comes standard with every Cosmos Outdoor TV, providing an additional layer of defense against the elements.
  • Comprehensive Protection: The weather cap effectively safeguards your Cosmos Outdoor TV from rain, sun, dirt, and potential damage from animals, ensuring your television remains in pristine condition.
  • Extended Lifetime: By protecting your Cosmos Outdoor TV from various outdoor threats, the weather cap plays a crucial role in extending the overall lifespan and performance of your television.

Invest in the Cosmos Outdoor TV and experience the benefits of the patented weather cap, designed to keep your television protected and functioning optimally in any outdoor environment. Enjoy peace of mind and exceptional entertainment with Cosmos Outdoor TV.

Experience Immersive Audio with Cosmos Outdoor TV's Patented Audio Streamers

Elevate your outdoor entertainment experience with Cosmos Outdoor TV's innovative, patented audio streamers. These advanced audio streamers are designed to direct sound towards the viewer, delivering exceptional audio quality without disturbing your neighbors.

Key Features:

  • Patented Audio Streamers: Cosmos Outdoor TV's unique audio streamers ensure a captivating and immersive listening experience, enhancing your outdoor television enjoyment.
  • Directed Sound: By focusing the sound towards the viewer, Cosmos Outdoor TV's audio streamers deliver clear, powerful audio without affecting your surroundings.
  • Ideal for Outdoor Environments: The patented audio streamers are essential for an optimal outdoor TV experience, allowing you to enjoy your favorite shows, movies, and sports events without causing noise disturbances.
Outdoor TV features audio streamers that deliver clear and powerful sound.

Cosmos Outdoor TV: Designed for Sunlight Readability

Colorful face of a cheerful woman is displayed on an anti-glare outdoor TV.

Experience exceptional outdoor entertainment with the Cosmos Outdoor TV, specifically engineered for sunlight readability. Featuring a unique non-glare, heat-strengthened glass and high brightness 700nit 4K TV panels, the Cosmos Outdoor TV delivers outstanding picture quality, even on the sunniest of days.

Key Features:

  • Sunlight Ready: The Cosmos Outdoor TV is designed to provide an impressive viewing experience in bright outdoor conditions, ensuring you never miss a moment of your favorite content.
  • Non-Glare Glass: The special heat-strengthened, non-glare glass ensures optimal picture quality by reducing glare and reflections, allowing you to enjoy clear, vivid images on sunny days.
  • High Brightness 4K Panels: With its high brightness 700nit 4K TV panels, the Cosmos Outdoor TV delivers stunning visuals and vibrant colors, providing an unparalleled outdoor viewing experience.
  • Choose the Cosmos Outdoor TV for a sunlight-ready entertainment solution that delivers exceptional picture quality in any outdoor setting. Enjoy your favorite shows, movies, and sports events in brilliant clarity and detail, even on the sunniest days, with Cosmos Outdoor TV.

When the TV is located in direct sunlight, visibility can be less at certain times of the day.

Experience the World's Safest Outdoor TV with Cosmos

Discover the unparalleled safety of Cosmos Outdoor TV, designed to provide worry-free entertainment in any outdoor environment. Powered by a 24-volt system, Cosmos Outdoor TV eliminates the concerns associated with using 110 or 230-volt TVs near wet grass, pools, or hot tubs.

Two kids having fun in the pool with a self-standing outdoor TV nearby.

Key Features:

  • World's Safest Outdoor TV: Cosmos Outdoor TV offers unparalleled safety by operating on a 24-volt system, ensuring secure entertainment in various outdoor settings.
  • Worry-Free Entertainment: Enjoy your favorite content without the concerns associated with higher voltage TVs in damp or wet areas, making Cosmos Outdoor TV the perfect choice for poolside or hot tub locations.
  • Versatile Use: The safe and efficient design of Cosmos Outdoor TV allows for versatile placement and usage, providing exceptional entertainment options for your patio, backyard, or any outdoor space.

Choose Cosmos Outdoor TV for the world's safest outdoor television experience. Embrace a worry-free entertainment solution designed to ensure your safety, without compromising on performance or quality, with Cosmos Outdoor TV.

Exceptional Smart Capabilities and Apple TV Compatibility

Experience the versatility and intelligence of Cosmos Outdoor TV, equipped with the latest Android version available for your region. Simply connect to your Wi-Fi, install your favorite apps, and even enjoy Live TV streaming directly to your Cosmos Outdoor TV. Plus, Cosmos Outdoor TV is fully compatible with Apple TV, ensuring seamless integration with your preferred streaming devices.

Key Features:

  • Smart Functionality: Cosmos Outdoor TV comes standard with the most up-to-date Android version, offering a user-friendly interface and access to a wide range of apps and streaming services.
  • Apple TV Compatibility: For those who prefer Apple TV, Cosmos Outdoor TV ensures effortless compatibility, allowing you to enjoy a customized viewing experience that meets your unique entertainment needs.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: Easily connect your Cosmos Outdoor TV to Wi-Fi and access a world of content, from popular streaming platforms to live TV, at your fingertips.
Different entertainment on an outdoor TV with a rain cup and audio streamer. Zepp remote held by a woman controlling her Cosmos outdoor TV in a backyard. Woman watching in a backyard on her outdoor TV while holding a remote control.

Cosmos Outdoor TV: Game Ready for an Unparalleled Experience

Elevate your gaming experience with Cosmos Outdoor TV, designed to bring your favorite games to life in stunning 4K resolution. The anti-glare screen and high-quality audio streamers ensure an immersive, top-notch gaming experience in any outdoor setting.

A group of peers having fun while playing video games together.

Key Features:

  • 4K Resolution: Enjoy your favorite games in breathtaking detail with Cosmos Outdoor TV's 4K resolution, providing crisp and vivid visuals that enhance your gaming adventure.
  • Anti-Glare Screen: The Cosmos Outdoor TV features a specially designed anti-glare screen, ensuring optimal picture quality and minimal reflections, so you can stay fully immersed in your game, even on sunny days.
  • High-Quality Audio Streamers: The patented audio streamers deliver clear, powerful sound directly to you, taking your gaming experience to new heights and ensuring you don't miss a single audio cue.

Transform your outdoor gaming sessions with the Cosmos Outdoor TV, offering the perfect combination of stunning visuals, immersive audio, and game-ready features. Level up your gaming experience in style with Cosmos Outdoor TV.

Nintendo Switch logo with white background.
XBOX logo with a white background.
PS4 playstation logo with a white background.
Two black zepp remote for a Cosmos outdoor TV.

Introducing the Versatile Zepp Remote

Navigate the online world effortlessly with the unique Zepp Remote, featuring an integrated keyboard for ease of use. Designed with convenience in mind, the Zepp Remote comes complete with a water-resistant skin and a holder equipped with suction cups, allowing you to attach it to almost any surface.

Man is lying on a sun lounger while controlling his outdoor TV using a Google Assistant.

Experience Effortless Voice Control with Cosmos Outdoor TV

Cosmos Outdoor TV comes standard with Google Assistant integration, offering convenient voice control through the Zepp remote's built-in microphone. Simply say "OK Google" followed by your command, whether you're looking for the latest news, continuing your favorite TV show, or requesting some relaxing music.

A 360° View of Cosmos

Explore a comprehensive 360° view of the Cosmos Outdoor TV, showcasing its expert engineering and exceptional design. Built to perform in any outdoor setting, Cosmos delivers an unparalleled entertainment experience that's both visually stunning and highly functional.

Front image of an outdoor TV, showing its components and label. The back side of an outdoor TV with its components and label.

Discover the Exclusive Set Top Box Compartment in Cosmos Outdoor TV

Cosmos Outdoor TV features a one-of-a-kind integrated set top box compartment, allowing you to conveniently store devices such as Android TV, Apple TV, or other set top boxes. With the flexibility to easily upgrade your system after a few years, your Cosmos Outdoor TV will feel as good as new, ensuring lasting entertainment value.

Experience Unmatched Resin Protection with Cosmos Outdoor TV

Cosmos Outdoor TV employs a superior resin film to safeguard its components, effectively preventing damage from dirt and moisture typically found in other electronics. This advanced protection technique is also utilized in military and aviation applications, ensuring the highest level of durability.

Outdoor smart TV waterproof electronic components.

Experience Premium Protection with Cosmos Outdoor TV's High-Quality Neoprene Cover

Safeguard your TV with the high-quality neoprene cover designed for Cosmos Outdoor TV. Providing effective insulation against rain, snow, and dirt, the cover also reduces significant temperature fluctuations when exposed to sunlight, significantly extending the lifetime of your TV. Available in a wide range of designs, colors, and Sunbrella fabric options, the Cosmos Neoprene cover offers both style and durability.

Key Features:

  • Superior Insulation: The high-quality neoprene cover offers excellent protection against rain, snow, and dirt, ensuring your TV remains in pristine condition.
  • Temperature Regulation: By reducing temperature fluctuations when exposed to sunlight, the Cosmos Neoprene cover helps extend the lifespan of your outdoor TV.
  • Customizable Design: Choose from a variety of designs, colors, and Sunbrella fabric options to find the perfect neoprene cover that suits your taste and complements your outdoor space.

Invest in a Cosmos Neoprene cover to protect your outdoor TV from the elements while enhancing its longevity. Experience the perfect blend of style, function, and durability with Cosmos Outdoor TV's high-quality neoprene cover.

  • Icon symbolizing rainproof for outdoor TV. Rain Proof
  • Icon symbolizing windproof for outdoor TV. Wind Proof
  • Icon symbolizing snow proof for outdoor TV. Snow Proof
  • Icon symbolizing sun proof for outdoor TV. Sun Proof
  • Icon symbolizing mold mildew resistant for outdoor TV. Mold & Mildew Resistant
  • Icon symbolizing UV and Fade resistant for outdoor TV. UV & Fade Resistant
  • Icon symbolizing easy to clean for outdoor TV. Easy To Clean
Neoprene Cover for Cosmos TV. Neoprene Cover for Cosmos TV.

Comparison Table



Powered by low 24 volts, Cosmos Outdoor TV is safe to use outdoors.

Two children joyfully enjoying the pool with a self-standing safety outdoor TV nearby. Thumbnail of an outdoor TV with the two kids enjoying a pool nearby.

110 to 240 volts on wet grass or near a pool can be dangerous.

Equipped with high quality speakers and additional tweeters, Cosmos has an impressive audio.

Impressive and high-quality audio speaker for an Outdoor TV. Preview of an outdoor TV with the audio streamer.

Check with vendor if the speakers are included and if there are tweeters installed. It makes big difference.

Patented audio streamers are very efficient and direct the audio towards you.

Patented audio streamers are built into an outdoor TV. Icon of an audio streamer of an outdoor TV.

No, sound is spread out which reduces the audio performance and quality.

Patented weather cap protects Cosmos from the rain, snow, leaves and small animals which makes Cosmos the ultimate TV for outdoors.

Patented weather cap protects the Outdoor TV from rain or any type of weather. Snippet of an outdoor TV with a patented weather cap.

No, not available.

All Cosmos Outdoor TVs are standard equipped with a fully automated heating and cooling system. Where ever you want to use Cosmos, it's ready.

Back view of an Outdoor TV with a heating and cooling system. Thumb of outdoor TV back view features a built-in cooling system.

No, only on the higher priced models, and often there is no heater installed that keeps the moisture out in the winter.

Cosmos has often been recognized as the best design for Outdoor TVs.

A Cosmos outdoor TV with a two-inch depth. A group of friends joyfully watching kickboxing on an outdoor TV in their backyard.

3” or more (for system with temperature control system).

Cosmos has a Stainless Steel (S304) case and this makes the TV very strong, durable, and well protected.

Stainless steel round bar case to protect the outdoor TV. Compact stainless steel round bar with a white background.

No aluminum housing.

With a bezel of only 0.6", Cosmos is the most versatile looking outdoor TV.

A smart Cosmos outdoor TV with a 0.6-inch bezel. Thumbnail of a Cosmos outdoor TV with 0.6 inch bezel.

1 or 2” bezel give the TV an industrial, old fashioned look.

Standard equipped with a real 4K resolution supporting the latest available Android version (may vary per market).

Android icon for a smart Cosmos Outdoor TV. Preview of an Android logo with white background.

Not included, or with a dongle that does not support 4K, or not equipped with sufficient processing speed for great performance.

Update your Cosmos with the latest technology. Simply replace the Set Top Box and your Cosmos is as new again.

Back view of a smart Outdoor TV features a set-top box to update the system. Icon of a set-top box at the back of a Cosmos outdoor TV.

No. Integrated Smart TV system make your TV old after a few years when better technology is available.

Cosmos Outdoor TV offers high quality and beautifully made Neoprene covers in many styles. Also available in Sunbrella fabric.

Yellow fabric Neoprene covers for an Outdoor TV. Tiny of a yellow fabric Neoprene cover for a Cosmos outdoor TV.

No, usually a simple cover that does not really protect.

Enjoy your hot tub in a whole new way with the Cosmos Hot Tub package.

A hot tub with a Cosmos Outdoor TV in your patio. Thumb of a bathtub with a Cosmos outdoor TV in a backyard.

No, not available.

Cosmos Outdoor TV comes standard with 20'/6 meters power cable and ready to use when it arrives.

Ready to use power cable for a Cosmos Outdoor TV. Ready to use power cable for a Cosmos Outdoor TV.

Usually comes with a 5'/1.5 meter power cable and might need to buy extra power cable.

Complete your Outdoor TV experience with our Outdoor Audio systems.

Outdoor audio systems for a smart Cosmos TV. Preview of a Cosmos outdoor TV audio speaker system.

No, not available.

Comes standard with a remote control with built in keyboard. Great for navigating the Smart TV applications.

Two black remote controls with a built-in keyboard to navigate your outdoor TV. Thumb of two remote controls with built-in keyboard to navigate outdoor TV.

No, and difficult to use the Smart TV applications.

Cosmos Outdoor TV has a wide angle infrared receiver that separates it from regular indoor TVs.

Wide angle infrared receiver of a Cosmos Outdoor TV. Icon of wide angle infrared receiver of a Cosmos Outdoor TV.

No, you need to stay in front of the TV to use the remote control.

Cosmos offer many, high quality mounts to choose from. Extra stable to secure your Cosmos TV against wind, rain, animals.

Extra-special stainless steel stand to secure an Outdoor TV. Compact of an outdoor TV stainless steel stand with white background.

No, usually residential quality brackets made of regular steel that can rust.


Diagonal Screen Size 32" 40" 50" 60" 75" 85" 100" 110"
Screen Resolution 2160 × 3840 (4K Ultra High Definition)
TV Brightness 700 nit. In combination with the special, strenghtened, non-reflective glass and 4K resolution, beautiful picture quality for commercial and residential use.
Material TV Housing Stainless Steel S304. Black version: powder coated Stainless Steel S304. Back side powder coated aluminum.
Front Material Heat strengthened, non-glare security glass.
Cooling Technology Duo Fan Active Cooling System (Turns on automatically if the temperature passes 85 degrees Fahrenheit (if connected to power)).
IP Rating IPX4
Heating Technology 10 watts low voltage heating system. (Turns on if the temperature drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit (if connected to power)).
Power 24 volts DC, 14 amp. World universal power supply 100-240V included. Brand: MeanWell. UL listed. CE approved.
Internal Speakers 2 × 10 watts internal speakers
Inputs 2 × HDMI (CEC, ARC and EDID), Power
Outputs Audio amplified, audio non-amplified
Integrated set top compartment Yes, size 6” × 8” × 1.3” (compatible with Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV and many other set top boxes. Some set top boxes need 100-240V power. You need to power this directly, and an IR repeater may be necessary).
Net Weight 28lbs/12.5kg 40lbs/18kg 62lbs/28kg 77lbs/35kg 132lbs/60kg 176lbs/80kg 256lbs/116kg 344lbs/156kg
Overall Dimensions 28.8"x16.8"x2.2" 732x427x55mm 35.8"x20.5"x2.2" 910x520x55mm 44.6"x25.7"x2.2" 1132x652x55mm 51.5"x29.8"x2.2" 1307x757x55mm 66.6"x38.1"x2.4" 1691x967x60mm 76.6"x43.8"x3.9" 1945x1113x100mm 86.9"x49.6"x3.9" 2208x1260x100mm 98.1"x56.1"x4.1" 2491x1425x105mm
VESA Bracket 200x200 200x200 400x400 400x400 600x500 600x400 800x400 800x1300
Standard Included 1 × TV unit, 1 × rain/sun cap, 2 × audio streamers, 1 × power supply, 1 × 20” power cable, 1 × remote control with holder, maintenance kit
Cover (optional) Duo layer, waterproof nylon and 3mm neoprene.
Waterproof plugs (optional) IPX 6. available for HDMI, USB, power, optical audio, analog audio.
Power Cable Outdoor quality, insulated 2 × 2.0mm. extendable up to 30”.
Audio Cable Outdoor quality, insulated 2 × 1.5mm. extendable up to 60”.