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Can Cosmos Outdoor TV be used worldwide?

Yes, the TV works on 24 volts and comes standard, with a world universal power adaptor. The plug in will be determined by the country we ship to.

There is no high voltage inside the TV?

Correct. The TV is operated by 24 volts only. Which means that you will never be exposed to 110 or 220 volts.

Can I connect to the internet?

Yes, you can install the app of your TV provider and log in and watch Live TV.

Can I install Apple TV, or Fire TV?

Yes, the TV has 2 HDMI ports, and you can install other set top boxes.

Can I remove the rain cap?

Yes, you can remove the rain cap by unscrewing 2 bolts.

Does Cosmos Outdoor TV have audio out?

Yes, Cosmos Outdoor TV comes standard equipped with amplified audio that you can connect directly to speakers, and with non-amplified audio to connect to an amplifier.

Do I need the cover?

We recommend using a cover when the TV is installed outdoors and not in use. Cosmos TV is a high-quality product, and when well protected, can be enjoyed for many years to come.

How strong is the glass on the front?

Cosmos Outdoor TV has special non-reflective 3mm toughened glass, which is very strong. If you like to use Cosmos Outdoor TV in a public location, we can optically install 5mm glass, which makes Cosmos Outdoor TV virtually indestructible.

Can I use regular TV brackets for Cosmos Outdoor TV?

Yes, Cosmos Outdoor TV is VESA compatible. But we recommend the use of Cosmos Brackets and mounts because they are designed for Cosmos and can withstand winds and extreme weather. In addition, the cable to the TV, inside the tube, is protected against the elements.

Is it easy to install a Cosmos Outdoor TV?

Yes. Remove from the packaging, plug in the power, connect to Wi-Fi and you are ready to watch TV.

Can I use another remote control?

Yes, the Smart TV is controllable with any RF remote controller, or RF connected keyboard.

Can I use Cosmos Outdoor TV near the sea with salt air?

Yes, Cosmos TV is designed to operate in the toughest conditions. The components are treated with a special resin to protect the electronic parts against salt air.

Do I need external speakers?

Cosmos Outdoor TV comes standard with great internal speakers that are good for normal outdoor use. However, you can also connect our outdoor speakers, which allow you to place additional sound where you prefer.

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