Two soundwave cylinder speakers with a white background Two soundwave cylinder speakers with a white background
Sound wave logo with white background.


Weather-resistant Sound System

Weather-resistant cylinder speakers with a white background.

Stainless Elegance

SoundWave Cylinder is available in two sizes and made of stainless-steel which can be safely placed anywhere in your backyard or garden.

Two weather-resistant cylinder speakers in a garden.

Different Sizes

With the two built-in speakers and the flexibility you have to install them anywhere in your garden, you can create an outdoor TV experience you'll enjoy every time.

20-inches and 30-inches stainless steel cylinder speakers in a white background.
Three soundwave cylinders for high-quality audio in a garden. Yellow grid lines in square shape.

Surround your garden with the SoundWave Cylinder

SoundWave Cylinder connects directly to the Cosmos Outdoor TV and comes standard with a 20' (6 meters) outdoor audio cable.







Sturdy Mounting




High Quality
Stainless Steel

High Quality Stainless Steel