Stone-base stand outdoor TV with a soundwave theater weather-resistant sound system.
Sound wave logo with white background.


Weather-resistant Sound System

Exceptional Sound for Expectational Locations

Outdoor TV with a stone base stand and a soundwave theater sound system in a courtyard.


Center Speaker

Equipped with three speakers, the center speaker supports the balanced audio between other speakers. All speakers are completely made of premium quality stainless-steel.

High-quality speaker built into the center of a self-standing outdoor TV.

Side Speakers

The two side speakers come standard on 15" stainless-steel pole that can be mounted on a tile, brick or wood.

Two stainless steel speakers with a white background.

Main Speakers

The two full-sized main speakers will give an unforgettable audio experience. Like all other SoundWave outdoor speakers, SoundWave Theater is made of very durable, rustproof and maintenance free stainless-steel.

Two full-size stainless steel main speakers with plain background.


An essential part of any great sound system is the subwoofer. Especially outdoors, a subwoofer will make a big difference.

A subwoofer stainless steel speaker for a perfect audio system.

The SoundWave Theater needs an additional amplifier that is not included. Any 5-speaker amplifier is compatible.